Nemo's beach

It is reserved for disabled people and carers. It 'free. It offers a free car park on the beach front, beach umbrellas in 56 spacious pitches and easily accessible even with the presence of mobility aids.

From Monday to Friday the beach is reserved for groups and day care centers for the physically disabled. On Saturdays and Sundays, the beach is reserved for families: a differently abled and two accompanying umbrella.
The associations and day centers for people with physical disabilities can enjoy the beach 5 days + 5 days (continuous or separated) for a maximum of two weeks during the entire season.

How to book your umbrella
Please call 0039  348-5517714

How to access the beach
The entrance to the beach is via the Levantine Nemo 104 in Jesolo Lido. At the entrance to the city hospital is required booking umbrella. The staff dell'Ulss10 will deliver a key to access the beach after delivery of an identity document, and indicate the area for the parking of the vehicle.