Cost / Tickets

The attribution of the white code at the First Aid registration is subdued to the payment of the fixed amount of 25 euros and of the ticket on the disbursed services.

From the payment are excluded the following cases:

  • concluded with a proposal of shelter in the hospital;
  • with shelter in brief intensive observation of more than 4 hours;
  • traumatisms which have determined a fracture, a dislocation, a wound that needs suture, a sprain that requires a chalked instrument or a device of permanent immobilization;
  • wide burns;
  • ingestion or inhalation of an extraneous body that requires instrumental extraction;
  • acute poisoning that requires shelter or brief intensive observation of more than 4 hours;
  • what has noticed conditions of risk tied to the state of pregnancy;
  • sending to the Ready Help from the family doctor or from the emergency medical service with a request of shelter;
  • consequent to a complication of a surgical intervention within the 30 days before the access to the First Aid.


Are exempted the white codes which reenter in the following cases:

  • less than 14 years old ( exempted just for the fixed access amount);
  • accesses and services to patients with the right of exemption from the ticket ( for patients with the right of exemption for a pathology , the exemption is applied only if the access to the Ready Help is justified by an aggravation of the pathology);
  • accesses and services in consequence to accidents on the job.


Must pay the ticket:

  • all the patients that autonomously leave the Ready Help before taking the record of the closing of the access;
  • who leaves the hospital without reentering after a specialistic service from another department;

The application of the ticket is not subject to the discretion of the operators of the Ready Help, that are forced to apply in all the cases expected from the normative.