The first aid

What is it
The First Aid department of a hospital is the only one in which the treatment of medical emergencies is guaranteed, i.e. pathological, spontaneous or traumatic conditions, which require immediate diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

When to go
It is best to use the First Aid department for acute and urgent problems that cannot be resolved by your General Practitioner (G.P.), paediatrician or by the doctors working on out-of hours general practitioner service.

When not to go
The First Aid department is not the place where to go for examination of non-urgent or chronic clinical aspects.

Therefore, do not go to the First Aid department:

  • to avoid waiting lists in case of non-urgent specialist examinations
  • to obtain prescriptions and/or certificates
  • to obtain clinical controls for non-urgent situations
  • to avoid contacting the G.P. for tourists
  • to obtain services that could be provided G.P. surgery
  • for convenience, out of habit, to avoid payment of the co-payment (“Ticket”).

Every unnecessary visit to the First Aid department could lead to delays for people needing urgent care. A correct use of the health service keeps it running smoothly and ensures a high quality of service for all users. The success of the First Aid department depends on all of us.