Out-of-Hours Primary Care Services for Tourists

This service is available fro the 1st of June to the 31st of August

Phone: +39 0421 484550

Address: Riva dei Bragozzi, 138 - 30021 Caorle

Opening times: 8 pm - 8 am in Caorle

From 23pm to 8 am Out-of-Hours Generale Practitioner Service for Tourists has competence, not only for outpatient consultations and home visits in Caole, but also, with advance reservation by phone +39 0421 484550, for home visits to the tourists in the seaside resorts of Jesolo, Eraclea and Bibione.

On the basis of the assessment of the patient’s need, the General Practitioner can:

  • make outpatient consultations;
  • give medical advice by phone;
  • make home visits which cannot be delayed;
  • prescribe medicines for therapies that cannot be delayed, or that are necessary for the continuation of therapies whose interruption could worsen patient’s conditions;
  • issue medical certificates only when strictly necessary for a maximum period of three days;
  • recommend hospitalization.

In case of emergency dial the toll-free number 118.

Out-of-Hours General Practitioners for Tourists have no competence for booking specialist examinations and visits.